Natural Sound

Natural Sound Field Recordings

Field recording is something I enjoy immensely. For a number of years I recorded children’s and teachers voices as part of the digital media projects I have done with schools. Occasionally these would include recording natural environmental sounds as well, but it was not until I developed StillWalks® that I became more attentive to the sounds around me in all sorts of environments. It is easy to sit for an ever increasing length of time when recording the sound around me – the more I listen, the more I hear.

Below are a few short clips as examples of the natural sounds I have recorded from day to day – many more can be found on SoundCloud and you can follow me on bandcamp.

When out on a production walk I use a Fostex FR-2LE sound recorder and RODE NG3 directional microphone. Sometimes when out walking I will take my smaller Edirol RO-9 recorder with a wind shield I made myself. However, I always have my iPhone with me and if it isn’t windy, this too can be a useful recorder (using the RODE recorder app) that fits neatly into my pocket at all times.

Coedbach Blackbird

Coedbach Woodpecker

Forest Rain

Graig Fawr Skylarks

Wind in Marina

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