Sound and Weave

Integrating sound with tapestry weaving - this is an interest that developed from my work in field recording for my StillWalks® business and past experience of directing interactive digital media projects.

This approach to sound recording relates to my interest and enjoyment of the textural and rhythmic aspects of weaving. When listening to the sounds of an environment, or indeed music, I focus on the textures and patterns more than anything else. These aspects of weave and sound are becoming an increasingly important element of my work in both fields and the interconnection of the two areas feels almost inevitable. Therefore, finding practical means of integrating them through tapestry weaving and the materials and technology available is a primary consideration when developing  design ideas.

The prompt to the audience to interact and engage creatively with the work is very important and has been successful with the small experimental tapestries I have exhibited. One of the most enjoyable aspects of my current work is developing solutions to encourage the audience to take part and physically engage with the work when they are so often asked (told) not to touch works of art.

Metamorphosis and Heallreaf 3

Heallreaf 3 is an international tapestry weaving exhibition which showed at Surface Gallery, Nottingham and Espacio Gallery, London. The juried exhibition was set up and installed by Margaret Jones and featured 39 tapestries by 39 tapestry weavers from around the world - my audio interactive tapestry Metamorphosis was part of the exhibition.


The making of INTERCONNECTION, an audio interactive tapestry, follows the process of creation on the loom in Alastair's studio, with the integration of sensors in the weave which, when triggered, play selected sound clips over a looping background soundscape. The tapestry was originally woven for the British Tapestry Group touring exhibition Sound and Weave.