Manipulating sound can serve many purposes, not least the intention of putting the listener’s imagination in the environment of the sound. I have included here two audio tracks from StillWalks® videos I have produced as, for me, they make for a relaxing soundscape even without the visual aid of the still images that form the videos.

You can find out more about StillWalks at and more soundscapes along with images can be found on the StillWalks blog. You can also buy and follow me on bandcamp.

Click the play button to listen to the soundscapes.

Ditch Hikers Walk

Quarry Walk

Other sounds I enjoy working with are quite different to those found in a natural environment – that of metal. In fact, the first sound compilation below was made using the various sounds of gates on walks in the countryside. The others, however, you may not find so entertaining!

Old Rusty Suspended Steel

WARNING – The sounds below may make you jump!

My Metal Distortion 002

My Metal Distortion 003

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    • If it’s the metal distortions you mean, I appreciate most would not like these but the sounds of metal really fascinate me. Glad you enjoyed the gates

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