AAI Post 2 – Progressing Planning

Still in the planning stages, the project is not expected to officially start until early 2020. In the meantime I have met again with interested artists from Disability Arts Cymru in Cardiff and will be meeting others interested in participating in Suffolk and Yorkshire.

Following these meetings I may be able (with their permission of course) to showcase some of their work and begin to describe how we envisage a collaboration/consultation going forward in the project – so this is all still part of the planning!

The audio interactive tapestry weaving work I had already been doing following the British Tapestry Group Sound and Weave touring exhibition, was completed and installed in the Heallreaf 3 exhibition at Surface Gallery, Nottingham and all went well. The exhibition was popular and received good reviews and was included in the Arts Council’s list of the top 15 exhibitions to see this Autumn in the UK.

The exhibition will open again at the Espacio Gallery in London on 15th October with a private view on the 17th and will run until 26th October.

A few of my own shots of the exhibition are below and more can be seen here.

Lastly, thank you to all those who have donated to this project so far. This fund raising will continue throughout the project and all information about this plus donations buttons can be found here.

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