Moving Forward and Online Workshops

With the awarding of an Arts Council of Wales National Lottery Stabilisation Fund grant and an Artists Bursary from a-n The Artists Information Company, I have been able to start moving forward with the development and re-development of my work with interactive audio and tapestry weaving.

light sensor and weave

light sensor and weave

The light sensors originally used in my INTERCONNECTION tapestry are no longer working s light sensors but simply as markers for where viewers should approach with their hands to trigger the sound clips attached to the tapestry. This uses another form of proximity sensor but one that is less susceptible to varying levels of light and therefore more reliable.

RPi3 and PiCap

RPi3 and PiCap

The technology used for this is a small Raspberry Pi computer from The Pi Hut and a multi touch PiCap from Bare Conductive.

Both my INTERCONNECTION tapestry and Metamorphosis (which featured in the Heallreaf 3 exhibition last year) will be on exhibition with this updated technology at Kirkleatham Hall, Redcar, as part of the Fabric of the North exhibition which will be open from 13 October through to January 2021.

During this exhibition I and Michael Crompton will be running online workshops using Zoom - details can be found here.

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