AAI Post 3 – Ups and Downs

There are always ups and downs in life . . . and also in project planning! The first is an up - the Heallreaf 3 exhibition went very well at Espacio Gallery in London and the reaction to my interactive tapestry, Metamorphosis, was very positive, as can be seen in the video below.

The tapestry requires touch to trigger the sound files that overlay the background soundscape and while that soundscape is rather dark, some of the interactive sound clips bring a lighter element to the theme.

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Metamorphosis - audio interactive tapestry weaving

AAI Post 2 – Progressing Planning

Still in the planning stages, the project is not expected to officially start until early 2020. In the meantime I have met again with interested artists from Disability Arts Cymru in Cardiff and will be meeting others interested in participating in Suffolk and Yorkshire.

Following these meetings I may be able (with their permission of course) to showcase some of their work and begin to describe how we envisage a collaboration/consultation going forward in the project – so this is all still part of the planning!Continue reading

Metamorphosis - work in progress

Art and Audio Interactivity – Project Blog Posts

Art and Audio Interactivity – a project I have developed to work with disabled artists with the purpose of identifying the best practical and engaging means of integrating interactivity through audio to different art works – in my own case, two and three dimensional tapestry weaving.

This blog will be my main means of documenting the progress of this project. It provides a link for funders and others interested in the project, to follow the developments of work produced by myself and the collaborating disabled artists.Continue reading